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Including Prizes and Publications 

The Benefit of Art – Art Impact Project - Art Show and Fundraiser, Riverwoods, Illinois, USA, 3 October 2021

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Hayfield Artists Changing Exhibition 2021 

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Astound 21, Leek School of Art, 29 May – 19 June 2021

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Exhibition Showcase 2020 – 12 degrees Collective, December 2020 online. 

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Staffordshire Contemporary Artist and Designer Fair, Foxlowe Arts Centre Leek

30 November – 1 December 2019

Hayfield Artists, November 2019

Derbyshire Open Arts/Hayfield Artists Open Weekend, May 2018

The Group of Eight Art Exhibition, Hale Library, Manchester, 22 February – 5 March 2011

Stockport Open Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery, 2003

ArtTIC Exhibition, Manchester, 3 June 2003

The Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition, 12 May – 14 July 2001

ArtTIC Exhibition, Manchester, 18 March 2001

ArtTIC Exhibition, Manchester, 31 July 1999

OCA Sasha Young Prize Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London, January 1996


Sasha Young Prize 1996, ‘Things on a board’, Acrylic paint on paper

Art related Publications

Andy Gale (2021) ‘Drawing a line under a problem – We should use visual language’ In Cumbria Magazine. September, p.76.

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Andy Gale (2021) ‘We need to plan for a special kind of luck’, In Cumbria Magazine, June, p.89.

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Andrew Gale and Martell Linsdell ‘Non-Monument Monument: A Collaborative Conceptual Design’ in Public Art & Urban Design: Interdisciplinary and Social Perspectives. 

E-Book Edition: ISBN: 84-475-2767-0 p.143-153. 

Available at:

Illinois, October 2021

IMG_0024 2.jpeg

Leek, 2021

Exhibitions: Exhibitions
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